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Each Saturday of the sailing season from May to October, the Club holds a racing event, weather permitting.  Any keyed member may take the helm in these races, and any Club member may crew. Guests are welcome as long as they do not displace members who want to race. In addition, the Club offers seminars and sessions on racing rules and racing techniques throughout the year.

The Club also holds several major regattas during the year. The first regatta, in early June, is in celebration of Historic New Castle's Separation Day.  The Club sponsors a Charity Regatta, usually held in July, and invites skippers of other classes of small dinghy sailboats to participate in this fund-raising event for a local charity.  In August, we honor the Club's founders with the Founders Day Regatta.  The Pea Patch Island Race in September is our only "distance" race.  The Club also holds the Delaware River Perpetual Thistle Trophy (DELRIPETT) each year in late October, which is open to all Thistle boat owners. The DELRIPETT is always the last race of the sailing season.

NCSC Race Series

With the exception of a few specialty regattas, the Club's Saturday races typically are a first come, first serve allocation of captain and crew assignments. In 2018, the Saturday Thistle races are broken up into two series - Spring and Fall, with two fleets, Gold Fleet and Silver Fleet competing together.  2018 also features a three race series for Flying Scots.    

Regular Saturday Race starting times are as follows:


Morning Races

Afternoon Races

Sign up for Skippers and Crew

8:30 am


Skipper's meeting, Assignment of Boats, Review of Racing Rules

9:00 am

12:30 pm

First Race of Three or Four

10:00 am

1:30 pm

Back on Shore

1:00 pm

4:30 pm