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Looking to continue the 2020 Season Soon- Attend the Spring Zoom Meeting Saturday at 9 a.m....

on Mon, 05/25/2020 - 16:09

While we've placed Fleet prep on hold since mid-March due to the Covid State of Emergency, we plan to re-start Monday June 1 with Fleet prep and launch perhaps as soon as the 3rd week of June.   Come to our zoom Spring Meeting this Saturday at 9 am to learn details- invites have been sent by email to all active members so if you haven't gotten yours, let the Commodore know.

Meanwhile...our virtual instruction has gone very well over the last months of 'shelter-in-place,' so many thanks to our Director of Safety and Instruction and to the many members who volunteered to instruct in these Saturday morning zoom sessions: Bob Cann, Chris Annand, Mike Evans, Clay Greer, Steve Constable, Earl McMaster and Tom Gorman.  Thanks to you new members for hanging in there and participating in something totally new for the Club! 

Looking forward to getting the Fleet prepared and launch in the next month or so..