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Classroom (currently held via Zoom due to COVID-19, beginning Feb 13, 2021) and on-the-water instruction (OTW) is included in your membership fee. On-the water instruction is both somewhat formal and informal and can be experienced during weekly fun sails, Saturday and Sunday OTW instruction (typically, 1:30pm), Saturday races (see race schedule), and by appointment (see below). Instruction emphasizes sailing safely as part of the club's ongoing effort to maintain the club’s excellent safety record. You are encouraged to attend all the classroom instruction, but only the Hazards class is mandatory.  New members who have not yet been checked out (aka, "keyed") may sail with any of the skippers in the club. 

Before a new member may take a club boat out, he or she must be checked out as a qualified skipper.  The check-out procedure includes:

  • Passing a sailing test on the water, 
  • Completing the Hazards class (April 10, 2021, 10:30 - noon)  
  • Passing a written exam, and 
  • Completing a capsize drill (can be conditionally keyed prior to completing this drill)

On-the-water instruction is offered during the sailing season every Saturday and Sunday, at 1:30pm (generally, please check schedule):

  • The Safety & Instruction Director will contact members that are not keyed by email on Wednesday of each week to find out if you want instruction for the upcoming weekend.
  • An email wil also go out to the volunteer instructors, who will volunteer based on the number of members asking for instruction.  Typically each instructor will have three students on a Scot and two on a Thistle.
  • You should respond by return email no later than Thursday evening with the number of members that will attend and which day(s) you want instruction. As weekend instruction demand is high, please state your preferred day.
  • You will meet you instructor at the waterfront at 1:30pm (or 2:30 based on the race schedule) on the selected days. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

As a new member you should register on Rained Out . We use this to notify club members when the weather is not good for sailing instruction. Seach for "New Castle Sailing Club" and follow the instructions to register for messages. This app will send you a text message and/or an email whenever the Instruction and Safety Director concludes that sailing instruction is canceled.


2021 Classroom Instruction Schedule

See Instruction Calendar at top right of page, as well as the schedule on the left side of page

Club members can access additional Class Materials on this page.  Log into the website using your member credentials to access additional document links at left under "Checkout Information" and "Class Materials," as well as the "NCSC Handbook."   

If you have any questions regarding NCSC Safety or Instruction, please contact John Harder 


Four Ways to get Instruction on the water (May - Oct)

  1. Sign up for Saturday and Sunday OTW Instruction, typically at 1:30pm, but times vary - see schedule at top right 
  2. Get on Bob Cann's weekly Email list for finding other members to join you for weekday pleasure sailing (see Instruction Links)
  3. Arrange for Instruction by Appointment (see Instruction Links)
  4. Come out for Racing on Saturday, and also for the Thursday evening informal racing events. Both competitive and low intensity races are included on the schedule so new members won't be intimidated by the competition. 

Instruction By Appointment

See instruction links at left, must be logged in to view