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2021 Classroom Instruction Schedule

on Thu, 01/02/2020 - 11:44


2021 Date2021 Course
2/13/21Sailing 1 (Basics) - Intro, sailboat anatomy/terms, points of sail

Tides, Currents, Departing & Approaching Moorings

2/27/21Sailing 2 - Key requirements, dinghies/boarding, sail shape / controls
3/6/21Weather, emergencies; Knots & gear
3/13/21Rules of the Road - navigation, right of way (inlcuding racing)
3/20/21Intermediate Sailing - sail trim, balance, handling weather variations
3/27/21Racing; Crew U
4/3/21Rigging a Thistle
4/10/21*Hazards - what, where, how to avoid
4/17/21Rigging a Scot
4/24/21Launch day!!
 * - Required for getting keyed